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Well, here we go again. Just took one of Sunny's "kids" to the vet today and had to make an emergency run to OSU Vet School for gall bladder surgery. Scotty started throwing up last night and, after he did his food, started in with yellow bile. 23hrs. ago this dog was fine. Running, playing, and, like the rest of them, wanting attention. According to the surgeon, she doesn't know how he was not showing symptoms before now as his gall bladder was enlarged and hard. She had problems suturing the bile duct before cutting the gall bladder out, and the bile was so thick it never flowed out. We had one sick little dog and he never let on that he was sick until today. Prognosis looks good, but next couple of days will tell.Two dogs with gall bladder surgeries within 3 mos. The first is about 7yrs. old and Scotty is 3. Not necessarily old dogs. Keep us in you prayers for many things, but mainly for the recovery of our Shetland Sheepdog, Scotty. (Tammy will probably give you the registered name) yellow homecoming dresses