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My Neighbor took this picture yesterday. Sometimes a picture can tell.a story so.much better than words.
This is a picture of a rescuer. Not a breeder.
The madness must stop.
If you are ever giving thought to wanting a pig as a pet. PLEASE talk to or better yet, visit a sanctuary. Thats all. We aren't selling products. We aren't posting pictures of week old babies for sale on line. We aren't making up names. We will share our knowledge. The good,bad and heartbreak. And we will make sure a pig is right for you just as much as you being right for a pig. After all. A pig or any living being should be a commitment for their entire life.

Sadly that doesn't hold true for most pigs that have been purchased. Of course any one breeding is going to.tell you differently. They have mastered their lies. But don't be fooled.

The pigs you see for sale on line should still be nursing. Or they are dressed up hiding their little underfed bodies. The internet is flooded with page after page after page. I can't even begin to tell how far these people go to market these lies. And worse yet people. Believe it.

Everyday I walk among all these pigs and I know a lot of their stories. All the promises they were told that they would come back for them. Or visit. And we wait. But nobody comes back. Sadly for all the pigs we have to turn away is because of the promise so many have made to come back once they moved or made the changes to make a better place for their pig. And bla bla bla. Same old story same old song. And then you find out they have purchased a micro pig. NO. You bought a baby. You bought a lie.

Yes I am rambling. Yes I am angry. Im.angry at pages like AMPA. a breeders site offering support. They are a marketing page that reaches Thousands. And then there is the non profit side of the group. Are you kidding me. And to have the nerve to even say that rescues and breeders need to work together foe the same of the pigs. What part of this don't people get? If anyone is taking funding from a breeder. You should not be in rescue. These people are not your friends. They are the reason we have thousands and thousands of pigs in shelters or going to slaughter. If might not have been a pig that they allowed to breed. But please anyone breeding or selling. Don't you ever say you love these animals. You love the money and the attention it brings I. Your marketing skills because you aren't out mending broken hearts or using your every spare moment thing to help just one more pig. Of you truly loved the pig no matter the age size or personality you'd stop your breeding and marketing and help the pigs that have lost their homes because of all the bullshit you spew marketing the lies. wedding dresses for kids

So. I know I'm only wasting time here and most if this is nothing but words that won t change a thing. But if anyone cares about pigs and wants to help. Just be a voice. Trust when we tell you why we will never back or support anyone that breeds and sells pigs and why wed never want your help or your money. Take your own pigs back.yes even the ones people paid a lot of money go spay and neuter. But for those pigs. They don't stand a chance because they can't produce any more.

I can truly say I absolutely despise each and everyone if you who breed and sell pigs. You have never walked or walk. I doubt you ever will.

I'll never in this lifetime get caught up with what I dream of doing and those dreams are dreams as simple as painting a fence and planting a flower and just doing what most everyday average people do on a day off. But rescue doesn't have a day off. And that's okay.

I know my pigs are not locked up in small pens. I.know I haven't the time to give each pig individual attention but what I can and I do, do is make it a place they can call home for as long as they are here and hope that.more people who love pigs and have been giving thought to getting a pig will find us first and just take the time to hear our side of the story before buying the lie. That's all. And share this with any one you talk to that might also be considering a pig as a pet. Let a rescue work with you because if you do the pig stands almost 100% chance of living its life out in their new home with you. A purchased pig hardly makes it to 2 years old in The home of was sold to. These are facts. And even worse. Some will never see the out side world again. They are confined to a life indoor cages and pens. Everything thanks not natural to a pig. That's how money talks.

With all this said.

Adopt don't Shop.