Part 3
The ladies was dressed to kill, cammy wore a silk spaghetti strapped dress with the nude heel to match, Trinity wore all white, the all white miniskirt that showed off her assets, and a all white crop top with her peekaboo heels and last but least was MYLA who wore her all black lace shirt with the deep v cut showing off the perfect perky breast of hers, black lace shorts which hugged those thighs perfectly now her shoe game was cold, she had on her red bottom heels wi ... th the gold stem. She was looking good and she wanted to feel the same way on the inside, who she sparked up the perfectly rolled blunt that TRINITY rolled earlier, the girls passed it around, and took a sip of their bubbly. Man we look good let's take a selfie cammy said to show these bitches how we do it in Miami. They all scrunched together took the selfie and left the hotel.
Club BOCA was popping, as soon as they got inside they were amazed at how many people came out. "You ladies want a drink" I'm sorry what did you say? I can't hear you the music is loud. DO YOU LADIES WANT A DRINK THE SHORT FAT BALD GUY YELLED OVER THE MUSIC. Let's go MYLA we trying to dance. MAYBE LATER she said as het crew dragged her to the dance floor. THE LADIES were in their own world and didn't even notice the circle of of people forming around to watch them dance, until mayla looked up, and saw the lusty eyes frm the men, and the dirty snobby looks from the women, Girl I'm tired let's go sit down. Yeah me too Cammy said. Ok let's order drinks to. As the ladies led each OTHER to their table, a big a security man stepped in there way. Excuse me we are trying to get to our table Trinity said rudely. WELL LADIES YUOU HAVE BEEN REQUESTED BY ONE OF OUR V.I.P MEMBERS SO FOLLOW ME. each of the women looked puzzled but hey, free v.i.p. They followed the big man up the sun lit steps, when they reached the top , that's when she saw him. The chocolate man from the beach looking like a piece of chocolate cake that she could not resist, MYLA TRINITY whispered, isn't that sexy from the beach. Yes girl! HE WAS with a few other gentlemen just as fine as him, they each stood up to greet the women, and by far sexy chocolate was the most impressive. He took each of the ladies hands to shake but he planted the softest kiss upon each. When he came to MYLA, her whole body shivered from his touch, and when he placed his soft lips ever so graciously on her hand, it mad her tremble l, it made her moist, she never had this type of attraction not wedding even with James. That thought scared her. When he spoke it was like art to her, my name is Montez, I'm grateful you ladies accepted my request to chat with me and my friends. Have a seat ladies what would you like to drink. "DAMN HE IS FINE" SHE THOUGHT, His ass almost had me pulling down my panties in club. He gone charm me out oif them he keep it up. MYLA smiled at the thought. I'll take a glass off Champaign please.

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