short prom selections specially for petite girls

THURSDAY's BOGO is all about Emotional wellness. It's inspiration and release today! ???? Buy Passion Touch, get Console touch.

Love them both!! Passion I wear as my go to perfume on my wrist, back of the neck, behind the ears and over the heart.? It seriously uplifts my mood! Besides using the Lifelong Vitality supplements if you are dealing with depression you definitely want these two oils on hand and applying daily. short prom selections specially for petite girls

PASSION: Apathy, depression, energy, low libido, sex drive, mental fog, memory, sluggish digestion, lung & sinus congestion, circulation, menstruation & menopause

CONSOLE: Grief, sadness, emotional release, reassurance, brain impairment, meditation, low ibido, skin repair, bronchial infection, urinary infection, edema, racing heartbeat.

As always reach out to me personally or leave a comment below if you'd like any support with usage or have questions. Today's BOGO expires TONIGHT @ 9pm PST so please let me know if you'd like in on this AMAZING deal. You'll be receiving my WHOLESALE PRICING.
Receive your complimentary Console blend FREE when you try one Passion essential oil blend for $27.25 plus ($6 tax & Shipping)
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