plus size wedding dress with sleeves

Im doing a storytelling set at the Lost Church in Sf Wednesday did i Spell that right WED NES DAY..yeah that's it Phew .here's a lil antidote of this song I wrote called cabin in the woods. I wrote this song about a certain magic potion that made me feel like i was in a dreamy beach sequence of a Calvin Klein commercial with the billowing fabric in the breeze and the whisper "eternity " well truth is stranger than fiction. i kid you not. it ACTUALLY became a commercial for a Dreamy beach Sequence for this well-known clothing line in Australia called "spell" which is even a little bit stranger since I'm dyslexic. i tell ya it is quite surreal to have dreamt this up and to see it made into this Dreamy video trips me out man plus size wedding dress with sleeves
they even left in the lines about the magic potion

sung by the be good tanyas written by Obo Martin

.. https://youtu.be/rBYPjD92SRM

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