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I keep repeating to my close ones. I am not facing a situation of laziness and too free in life. I am facing a medical clinical situation of severe O.S.A case. AHI: 0-20 is mild. 20 to 30 is severe. Above 30 is very severe. Guess whats mine. AHI: 85. Not simple insomnia. MY life cycle and timings are challenging. I even got a businessman who rumoured me do not deal with Tim Tam. He canot wake up one. hard to do business with him. Best, he has not even done a single project with me for the past 15 years. Can I sue this businessman directly? Look, I have managed to do over 180 projects even with my bad life condition. Dear people, if you not interested to bring it forward with me and no interest with me. I can accept it. Just tell me so, I can use my time to work with those interested to work on a project sincerely with me. plus size homecoming dresses with sleeves