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It's been a long time since I shared a snippet from Book 3 of, The Black Knight of Avalon Chronicles"
This book tells the tale of how the Black Knight came to be, how he grew up and became the man he was.

Sunbow Pendragon published a note. April 17, 2016 · Snippets from The Black Knight of Avalon Chronicles, Book 3, The Black Knight of Avalon” #1 “O my, that one was loud and close, eh Artos?” chuckled Sir Cai, the seneschal to the King. “Aye, foster brother, and how it echoes even inside Camelot’s strong walls,” Arthur Pendragon chuckled in return, and flinching involuntarily as yet another flash of lightning was accompanied by a crash of thunder. “Perhaps another round of warmed wine would be in order, My Lord?” Cai asked courteously. “Aye, Sir Cai, another cup of warmed wine would be welcome,” agreed the young King tiredly. Cai saw it, the weariness of the wars on his foster brother’s face and went quickly to the new kitchens of ... navy prom See More