long red homecoming dresses

Fun note: I challenge myself all the time with new obstacles not just physical but also mental. Today I ran. This is a huge accomplishment for me. I paced myself on a treadmill and slowly upped the speed until I was running. I kept my hands moving, my breath even, and my feet straight. After about 2.5 minutes I started to feel the little pops of crystalized nitrogen that formed in my feet and ankle. By 4 minutes the swelling in my ankle reduced by 25% and I could physically feel the muscles releasing themselves. By the 6 minute mark- which was my finish. I no longer felt pain while walking. -which has been a thing this week because of the weather- Everyday I get stronger. Everyday I can be myself a little more. Today I did a light run...which honestly felt amazing. Next week..who knows... Maybe I'll jump on a trampoline. long red homecoming dresses :-)