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This morning I got out early before it got too hot and too humid to work the four youngest dogs who have been very much neglected in terms of their training and field time given the preparation and arrival of our newborn baby along with having all three litters of puppies clustered together this past breeding season. Ripple now is 14 months old, Chippewa now is 9months old, Stella and Missi are just turning 5 months old. Training is a very important part of bird-dog developme homecoming dresses size 14 ... nt however dogs that reside here with PRL must have a lot of natural ability because training 40 other people's dogs every week we don't have much time to do a lot of one on one work with our own. I save up my time off so we can be in the grouse belt for a good six weeks of the prime hunting season. All these kids have tremendous potential to be add it to the breeding program in the future we will see how they do this fall.

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