holiday homecoming with jewel

Such a tragedy, this is all true and was in the 80's and 90's and still happening today, all i have been given is 3 months of abuse therapy then was put on a list for c.b.t and given an app where you fill in how you feel once a month with a code that you have to keep and use to log in with every time, i have lost the letter a few times and they really dont seem bothered if they dont hear from you, ive been assesed by a nurse whilst suicidal and basically if you dont have the money to pay for help no one want's to know, its the same on fb if you dont air your problems or make a live video of your suicide no one seems to care, it's sad when everyone says nice stuff after your dead but can't say it to you when your alive... we have become blind to other peoples suffering and it's about time it stops or this shit will become a regular occurance holiday homecoming with jewel