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...Do store personnel follow your children when they are picking out their Gatorade flavors? They don't follow my white kids.
Do coffee shop employees interrogate your children about the credit card they are using to pay while you are in the bathroom? They don't interrogate my white kids. When your kids go for trick-or-treat, dressed as a Ninja and a clown, do they get asked who they are with and where they live, door-after-door? My white kids don't get asked. grecian wedding dress

Do your kids get pulled out of the TSA line time and again for additional screening? My white kids don't.
Do your kids get treated one way when they are standing alone but get treated a completely different way when you walk up? I mean a completely different way. My white kids don't....

Mother of two black and three white kids' post on racism is a must read 'What I did not realise until now is that the cloak I was offering my kids was identification with my whiteness,' writes Kate Riffle Roper.dailyo.in