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Her Dark Past

Chapter Ten

Today is Friday.
Meaning it's been almost a full school week since I've made my comeback at school.
It also means it's Halloween, and Noah's party.
It's 8:45 pm, meaning I have about an hour before Charlotte and Chase come to pick me up and take me to Noah's party.
It wasn't as hard to persuade her into coming as I thought it would be. With Chase and I both pestering her to come, she gave in pretty quickly.
I'm actually kind of excited to go. Annalisa is coming too, and I can't believe it took me a while to figure out that she would obviously be there.
I'm happy to say that Annalisa and I have become really good friends. We sit together in class and hang out during spare. I even text her almost as much as I text Charlotte.
Charlotte and I have also grown really close. People keep asking us if we were best friends before I came to the school, to which we'd laugh and say in sync: 'We've only known each other for a couple of days!'
People have generally been pretty nice, and I avoid Kaitlyn like the plague, so she hasn't been a problem.
As for Aiden, there isn't much to report about him. Even though we have 2 classes together, we've made this silent agreement to stay out of each other's way. In math, it's also somehow been silently agreed upon that I alternate sitting beside Mason and Noah, with Aiden and the guy I'm not sitting beside on that day sitting in front of us. Overall, Aiden pretty much ignores me.
The lack of friendliness aimed towards me from Aiden is made up for by Mason and Noah. I actually like being around them, they make me laugh. I smile as I remember today. All week they've been trying to get Charlotte and I to sit with them at lunch, and all week we've been able to say no. I mean really, me and Charlotte sitting at a table with Aiden? And if Aiden is there it's sure to mean the Lalaloopsies are bound to show up, and that's just one confrontation I'd rather avoid. flapper wedding dress
But today, for some strange reason, they convinced us to sit with them. Honestly it must've been the power of Halloween or some voodoo magic.
So there we were, me, Charlotte, Mason, Noah, Aiden, Chase, Annalisa and Julian all sitting at their table. What really must've been voodoo magic was that all throughout lunch, the Lalaloopsies didn't show up; I don't even think they were at school today. Even stranger: we actually had a good time.
Yes, I admit it, Charlotte and I had fun at lunch with The Boys.
I officially met Julian, and he's pretty nice. It really makes me wonder why they're friends with Aiden in the first place. His negative, unfriendly, asshole attitude really contrasts the friendliness and happy vibe of his friends.
I mean, he barely said anything throughout the whole lunch period; didn't even laugh at Noah's ridiculousness. I'm laughing even now just thinking about it.
At lunch, Charlotte pulls out a salad, to which Noah asks her "why on God's good earth would you ever decide to eat a salad?"
"I'm going to a wedding next week and need to lose some weight to fit in my dress." Charlotte replies.
Noah shakes his head like he's teaching a first grader a very valuable life lesson, "Well, you're going at it all wrong. My diet plan is to bring all my friends cupcakes. The fatter they get, the fitter I look."
"DUDE, so all those times you brought me doughnuts and cupcakes, you were just trying to diet?" asks Mason.
Julian shakes his head, "that is so messed up bro."
The rest of the table just couldn't stop laughing. It really was a fun time. I like to hang out with people who make me forget to look at my phone, and I didn't check my phone once throughout that lunch period.
King City High School doesn't allow the students to dress up for Halloween, something about the kids being too inappropriate. So now, I'm trying to decide what to wear for Noah's party before Charlotte and Chase come get me.
I open my closet door and stare really hard, as if I stared hard enough, a costume would materialize out of thin air.
I huff out an aggravated sigh and go into my mother's closet for some inspiration; maybe she'll have something for me to wear. Opening her closet door, I see a long, white beaded necklace, tied in a knot at the end. Taking it, I think of the perfect idea.
I run back to my room and throw open my closet door. I put on a black, fringed, spaghetti strap dress that ends mid-thigh. Putting on black fish-net stockings, black heels, and my mother's necklace, I go to the bathroom for hair and makeup. I loosely curl my hair, and put on winged eyeliner and red lipstick. I complete the look with a black lace head band that I wear over my hair across my forehead, and stick a fluffy feather in the back of it. There. A 20s flapper.
I hear my phone ring and read a text from Charlotte: Be there in 5 :)
I go downstairs and grab a small purse to put my keys, gum, and phone in.
At 9:34, I see Chase's car pull into the driveway. My mom isn't home so I don't have to hear her go through her speech about being responsible and don't put my drink down and only drink from sealed bottles and don't get in a car with someone who's been drinking and all the basic common knowledge stuff I get told every time I go out.
I lock the door and head towards the car, where Charlotte is getting out of the front seat so we can admire each other's costumes.
Charlotte's dressed as a Pink Lady from the movie Grease. She's wearing a low cut, tight, black and white striped tank top, with a pink leather jacket on top. Her tight black leggings end mid-calf, and she's wearing shiny black pumps. Her curly mocha hair is back in a high pony tail and she has a small black scarf tied around her neck.
"You look hot!" she says with a smile.
"You too!" I smile back.
"Um, hello?" Chase interrupts as he walks around the front of the car from the driver's seat, "Why has no one commented on my hotness?"
Chase is wearing black cargo pants and a tight navy blue t-shirt, with a black hat with the word 'SWAT' on it in white block letters.
"Very creative Chase," I roll my eyes as we all get back into the car.
"Yeah, never seen that one before," Charlotte adds sarcastically.
"What? Like a Pink Lady and a 20s flapper are any more creative," he replies as he pulls out of my driveway. "Besides, I figured almost every other girl is going to be dressed as the slut version of either an army/swat team girl, a nerd, some super hero, thing one and two, or a minion. So I figured if I dressed to match one of them it'll be easier to get laid. I took my chances with the swat team."
Charlotte looks back at me from the front seat and we share an eye roll.
"Very strategic, Chase."
Missing Charlotte's sarcasm, he smiles and continues driving.
"Are you drinking tonight Chase?" I ask.
"Duh, it's no fun being the only sober person at a party."
"But alcohol makes you do stupid things Chase. Remember last Christmas when you tried to do a backflip from the roof into Mason's pool?"
"Hey, in alcohol's defense, I've done some pretty stupid shit sober as well."
"Can't argue with that logic," Charlotte mumbles.
"Wait, but if Chase is drinking how are we getting home?" annoying as she may be, my mother is still right. Never let drunk friends drive home, and if Chase was drinking, we just lost our designated driver.
Charlotte looks back at me, "Chase is crashing at Noah's with the other guys. My brother is going to pick us up when I call him."
Satisfied with that answer, I text my mom letting her know that I left.
About 10 minutes after we left my house, we pull onto Noah's street. His house was easily identifiable from the teenagers loitering around the front, and the loud music shaking the windows.
Chase parks the car a couple of houses away on the street, and we start walking towards Noah's house.
For late October, it's not that cold outside, and there are a lot of people here already. Seeing as it's only 9:50 pm, I know that this is the time when most people show up.
Walking up the driveway and saying a quick hello to the few people outside, we head up to the open front door, and walk into the awaiting Halloween themed pit of drunken hormonal teenagers, and the imminent promise of making bad decisions.
Good morning sweethearts ?