first communion dresses

How am I going to get through this day? This week? My grandmother was very sick and is finally at peace. She was there for all my events growing up including my birth! I was always happy to see her even though adults scared me as a kid. She had a way of making you feel so very special as I'm sure many grandparents do but she had way with kids right till the end with my little niece. I'm grateful for every second I spent with this amazing women. At my first communion all dressed up and "elegant" I had managed to use my tiny matching purse to store fun balls... my mom was mad and kept telling me to spit it out and my grama would hold out a tissue and laugh..rinse and repeat a dozen times. She didn't get mad once she understood my shenanigans and thought it was funny even at a young age. I'm gonna miss her so much and cannot believe she's gone. God help me get through the day, this week....RIP first communion dresses