cocktail dresses 2018

Tita Basyang will never dampen the UDays of CSU ...all activities will push thru as sched today except for the Opening Parade per info relayed by LCO Pres. Chrishower Christfrenhower Hidalgo ...and of corz our gala event at LMX ..the State of the University Address of Pres. Anrhony Anthony Penaso will definitely starrt by 7PM ? ..the vanity wall moments will be from 5 to 7PM with Michael S. Licup and Co. ? ? ...cocktail station by # STeam will be at the entrance door for everyone to enjoy, while dinner will be served plate-in to abide wirh our formal concept ala Oscars Awards ? ? ?

....and what's more exciting is that the cash awards will be given to all awardees of Pasidungog 2018 by virtue of our CSC approved PRAISE Awards Guidelines and in compliance with government accounting and auditing rulings ? ?

...socials will follow after the awarding as we have the best DIs in town... Jessie Estoso and Ron Sem ? ? ? ...so gora na all...i'll be there in the red carpet as the Officer of the Night to meet you in your respective gown/long dress (ankle length) and coat and tie (necktie or bow tie) and will be the one to announce the Star of the Night and the Best Dressed Awards later in the event program cocktail dresses 2018 ? ? ?

....so gorabellsss na...nothing will ever dampen the CSU Team Spirit !! ? ? ? ? ?

p.s...all personnel are excused with the log-in this morning courtesy of Tita Basyang...so everyone has ample time to relax and be made up for tonight...moreover the CGB Bus and CSU vehiclez will be at the CSU gate by 4:30PM to ferry attendees to the event venue ? ? ?

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