Quelle belle chanson.......j'ai connu cette chanson par Annie Blanchard dans Star académie, je crois.........voici ma version..... "" ÉVANGÉLINE ""..........passez une belle journée,un beau soleil aujourd'hui........ keep smile bridesmaid :) :) <3 Mario

The stars were in the sky
You in Gabriel's arms
It was nice, it was Sunday
The bells would be ringing soon
And you were going to get married
In your first white dress
Autumn was well started
The flocks had all returned
And all teal parts
And the evening at the sound of the violin
Girls and especially boys
You would have said you were beautiful
Évangéline, Évangéline
But the English have arrived
In the church they locked up
All the men in your village
And women had to pass
With the children who were crying
All night on the shore
In the morning they embarked
Gabriel on a tall ship
Without a goodbye, without a smile
And all alone on the dock
You tried to pray
But you had nothing more to say
Évangéline, Évangéline
So for more than twenty years
You searched for your lover
Throughout America
In the plains and valleys
Every wind whispered his name
Like the most beautiful music
Even if your heart was dead
Your love grew stronger
In the memory and absence
He was all your thoughts
And every day he bloomed
In the big garden of silence
Évangéline, Évangéline
You lived in the only desire
To relieve and heal
Those who suffered more than yourself
You learned that after sorrows
There is always a path
Who leads to the one who loves us
So a Sunday morning
You heard in the distance
The chimes of your village
And suddenly then you understood
May your trials be over
As well as the very long journey
Évangéline, Évangéline
Before you was lying
On a pallet an unknown
An old man dying of weakness
In the morning light
His face suddenly seemed
Take the traits of his youth
Gabriel died in your arms
On his mouth you laid
A long kiss like your life
We must have loved
To be able to find
The strength to say thank you
Évangéline, Évangéline
It still exists today
People who live in your country
And who of your name remember
Because the ocean is talking about you
South winds carry your voice
From the forest to the plain
Your name is more than Acadia
More than the hope of a homeland
Your name goes beyond borders
Your name is the name of all those
Who, despite being unhappy
Believe in love and hope
Évangéline, Évangéline

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