boat neck

Happiness is relative
Relating to bloodline
Of a particular soul
That makes the hairline ...
at the rear
Of the neck fly at the burst boat neck
In bumps,
Goose bumps
Bump to bump I nod my head
Bump to bump I gladly skip
Bump on bump my bum
Bumps Back and forth
To the rhythm of happiness
As it touched beneath
The depth of my soul
Causing my spirit to lift my
Legs in the air!
Teeth shining as clear
As the morning sunlight
State of mind defined
Definition of happiness
Of the highest degree and
So beats the most accurate
Measurement of emotions
Yes yass! Yes!
Ohhhh yezzzz!
Are the words assigned to
My being
In moment of Ecstasy!
Yes. Yaas. Yes.

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