# IfikieSponsors Part Three. ?

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......."the moment I laid my eyes on you, something happened" Juanita said.
This made me eager to know what she was talking about, especially now that her face had turned red and tears were flowing down her chicks freely.
Life can be so full of surprises. One moment I was all alone in this bench listening to the birds as they filled the air with melodies. The next minute am in a world that only dreamers are familiar with. I have a new name and apparently I have worn someone's heart without uttering a word. "What's so special about me?". I thought to myself.
Juanita's tears soaked my shirt but to me it felt like showers of blessings. I rubbed her back with my hands as we continued with this endless embrace. The more we stuck together, the more we got carried away. Was it love at first sight?. Is she someone who knows me well? All these thoughts kept coming to my mind randomly. Juanita seemed comfortable with me. She apparently felt secure under my arms. She had a long, black and silky hair. The wind blew it like a flag and incidentally it covered my face. I caressed it using my fingers like a comb. That seemed to work magic as Juanita calmed down and reciprocated by tightening her grip on me.
Whatever was happening on this day must have been written in the Holy book, or it had been prophesied. Maybe I should have been a bit more attentive to my Bible study teacher. Was I the new Messiah to this angel? How long had she waited for my coming?.
She sobbed out something. I didn't get what she was tying to say because she laid her face on my chest and she sounded like she was murmuring inside my jacket. "Come again please". I encouraged her to speak up.
"what's your real name? ". She asked me. The fact that she had lied about my name to Jane, made me feel like Juanita was also not her real name so I decided to play it safe furthermore Kate still ment everything to me and I was counting this as a temporary occurrence.
But still my ego drove me to choosing a name that would make her see me as hero. "Am Morris" I replied with confidence like I was the real Morris Ameshoka.
"Oh my God!". Juanita exclaimed as she raised her head and looked me straight in the eye. "Tell me you are not alive. Just tell me it's a dream". She asked me, this time raising her voice in amazement. Looking at her beautiful face at close range made me fall for her and I could tell she also felt the same. Our eyes were glued together. Every glance I took at her seemed to erase every good memories I had about my one and only Kate.
"What are you talking about?". I asked her. That's when she decided to open up. "When I saw you I remembered my childhood boyfriend Morris. They relocated to United States of America with his parents when he was only ten years old. By then I was seven. That didn't hinder our friendship. We kept in contact and in fact after my Secondary school education he supported me with university fees as he was aware of my situation". She paused and she started crying uncontrollably.
I encouraged her to speak her heart out. Maybe it was going to heal her apparently wounded spirit. "My parents died when I was a small child and I have been brought up by my grandmother who was really struggling financially. So Morris decided to step in and support me with upkeep money and whenever my granny's health needed to be attended to, he was the one that we looked up to. The long story short Morris died in a road crush. My grandma is also no longer with us". She continued with a very sad face.
"My world came to an end but miraculously someone offered to support me with college fees and connected me with a part time job where I could find money for the hostels and other needs. But all this came at a price. Him being a married man, he started making advances at me and before long I became her 'side chick' by force. Since then am still with him but I don't love him at all and I don't know what to do because I still need his support. He as ruined my life. Am no longer the bubbly girl I used to be. I have never fallen in love with anyone apart from Morris whom I was to join in the US emediately after attaining my university degree." she explained.
Now I realised Juanita could be genuine and I felt very sorry for her. "Am so sorry. All will be fine okay?." I comforted her."The reason I came to you is because you look exactly like my Morris". She said.
Indeed when you see a girl smiling on social media, don't be fooled. She could be hiding an ocean of tears.
I kissed her soft and shiny forehead just to make her feel loved. One could tell she had finally found the love of her life. Suddenly something struck me like a lightening. It was Kate calling. The vibration of the phone in conjunction with the ringtone disrupted this gathering Iike we were about to swear in Baba. Kate is one person whose phone calls I never ever fail to receive no matter where I am, unless am in class and am sure she knows there is nowhere else I could be at that particular moment. I always try to avoid a chain of questions later or even punishment. So I picked and she told me she was already in town. The two hours must have been 'hacked'. It felt like I had spent only A few seconds with Juanita.
Juanita grabbed my phone and switched it off just as I was about to tell Kate where we could meet me................
..................... . To be continued. ?