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It's three eventful years already. HBD,my daughter!

HURRAY! IVESINACHI,MY JOY,IS ONE! I was completely annoyed with the restlessness of my wife during the end of Shabbat prayers that day,bearing in mind that she wanted to disturb me the way she did the previous Saturday night.In the previous week,at exactly this same time,she was furious with herself,her condition,everybody and everything.And it was about 8.30pm before we left for Okpuno Health Centre,where she was going for antinatal checks.On reaching there we met two nurses who attended to her."She is not yet due to be delivered of her baby",said one of the nurses who accompanied her to the labour,"although your wife was having a positive delivery signs",she exclaimed.We slept in the hospital for the night with no sign of the all-important expectation.I counted my blessings as we came back that day seeing my wife as healthy as before. Now on this Saturday night,being 26th day of July,2014,she started again.Anyway,there was nothing I could do more than taking her again to the hospital.After expression of a certain level of vexation,I summoned courage to go again with her.We parcked once again our prechild birth luggage again and board a trycyle(keke) to the health centre.Nobody was there when we reached,but G-d was soo lenient to us because without our knowledge,one nurse was waiting for a taxi to take her home as the day was almost gone.The time was almost 9pm.We waited and waited while my wife was restlessly panting in child labor pain,before the woman came back.She said that perhaps the baby invited her back.Hhemmnn! I heived a breath of relief. She took my wife to the labor room,check her body and encouraged me to be ready to receive the new baby.All other things are stories. I went into the room when she invited me after hearing the positively virgin cry of a baby piercing through the cool air and within a few moment everything was healthy.Baruch Hashem! She announced that it was a female. Immediately I heard it,one part of me was so depressed that it would have caused a generation to find happiness.'No!",the other part emphatically disagreed.War of thoughts.By the speciall grace of G-d,my positive mind was able to defeat its negative couterpart by bluntly saying that its baseless argument that I already have three females and only one male was uncalled for.He worn.Just like that. Joy returned to me as I carried my baby,kissed her and proclaimed alloud,"IVESINACHI". It became the name of my fourth queen and celebration henceforth,began. Celebration galore! I celebrated her so much even before her birth when I dedicated a poem for her "THE POOR MAN'S FANTACY,HIS ESTACY". And Ivesinachi started making names as I continued celebrating her,her beauty,her chaming nature and greatness.She has ever been a divine gift to my family as she speads and solidifies true family love in my immediate family.A bond of happiness and goodluck and favour.Today,26th day of July,2015 marks the one year anniversary of that commencement of this joy and celebration of my super woman,IVESINACHI.May this celebration continue to be commemorated until it will be her turn to do same,celebrate I and her mother, alive and in our death Amen! apple shape